FlimFlam Cider doesn't actually give you any energy and therefore cannot be held responsible for any and all injuries you might suffer. FlimFlam Cider is also not delicious, it's just pretty good, but if you have nothing else to drink it's very good. FlimFlam Cider cannot be held responsible for anypony claiming it's delicious, and any and all claims are simply a matter of opinion and cannot be blamed on the company. FlimFlam Cider should not be taken by pregnant mares or mares who may become pregnant. It cannot be proved that FlimFlam Cider causes pony cancer. If you think you have pony cancer, you should seek medical attention immediately. Doctors recommend that you do not drink more than 4 cups of FlimFlam Cider a Day. Call your doctor if you have any sudden changes in mood or behavior or thoughts of suicide, some ciders can increase these in fillies. Call your doctor if you develop fever, stiff muscles, or confusion, these may be signs of a life threatening reaction. For more information on the side affects of FlimFlam Cider you can visit or call 1-800-CIDER.